You've somehow stumbled upon the page of Dan DeWitt, genre-hopping author of the zombie thriller ORPHEUS, the Norse mythology adventure ODINSONS, and the horror short-story collection UNDERNEATH. There's lots more where those came from, so stick around.


Dan DeWitt is a freelance writer and editor with a bachelor's degree in English from the State University of New York. He has published several short works of fiction in various ezines, and his profile of “Military Mom in Action” founder Kathy Buckley was featured in Success Magazine, Ltd.

He was born and raised in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. His mother is an avid reader and he manifested the same trait at a young age. He began raiding the family library on a regular basis, reading multiple genres, and found that horror is what most appealed to him. After a less-than-distinguished high school career, he joined the military to both serve his country and finance his education.

Dan spent eight years in Security Forces for the United States Air Force. Many long overnight shifts meant a lot of odd conversations, some of the liveliest of which began with, “What would you do if zombies attacked right now?” Those tactics-heavy discussions planted the seeds for his second novel, Orpheus. He is currently at work on Croatoan, the novelization of his original screenplay of the same name that placed in the top 10% at the Austin Film Festival.

Though a native New Englander who was taught to shun r's, he now lives with his wife and son in upstate New York, where people add an s to the name of every retail store, for some reason. He just can't win.