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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Incompetech.com: For all of your royalty-free music needs

I posted this before on the old blog, but people are actually starting to read this one, so I thought it was worth another mention. If you have a project (film, podcast, etc.) and you need some free musical scores, check out Incompetech. I'm going to craft a book trailer for Orpheus, and the right music is critical. You can search by genre or, get this, "feel." I searched under the "eerie" feel, sampled some of the tracks, and found the perfect score. All of the guy's work is free, though donations are appreciated.

You're welcome.

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  1. Despite the size of this royalty free music library , musicalise.me is one to watch. Tracks are varied in style, from dance to classical, pop guitars and ambient. Not only do the tracks sound great and original, but the price is great too! $1 per license -and the license is not limited to a set number of projects or reproductions. Considering the prices for most royalty free music, this is a true bargain.